Essay on The Voice Of Kathe Kollwitz

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The Voice of Käthe Kollwitz Käthe Kollwitz was a German graphic artist from the early 20th century that first came into prominence around the 1900s with images of class conflict and social critique. Kollwitz’s post-war artwork depicted simplified human figures that expressed the human condition as well as the tragedy of war in black and white. She cared nothing for current art fashions, such as expressionism, cubism, and surrealism, because it was irrelevant to the concerns of working people (Skrapits 60). With this being said, her main goal was to communicate to the masses which drove her to the direction of greater simplicity, clarity, and overall, power of expression. Kollwitz showed empathy for the less fortunate and had her own means of expression that spoke for people who didn’t have a voice. While reading about Käthe Kollwitz I learned that her son was a victim to the tragedies of World War I and was killed in 1914 (A&E). Her affiliations with socialism and anti-war were strong after the death of her son and she became a pacifist, a person who believed that war and violence was unjustifiable, and her work showed compassion for those who were affected by these events. She worked in series and was inspired by events going on in the world around her. She created artworks in themes that consisted of workers rising against oppression, war, death, and poverty (especially as they affected the lives of women and their children) (Schaefer 29). One work in particular that I…

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