Essay on The Violence Of Sport After Sport

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Activity after activity, sport after sport, when is enough, enough? Children in today’s society are seemingly in every activity known to man. Do they truthfully even have a say anymore? At an early age I was introduced to sports, almost every single one. My parents forced me to become an active member in the community, saying it would benefit me in the long run. Not complaining, I loved the active life I lived, but what about those who don’t. Parents are constantly pressuring their kids to do as they say, whether it be to go try to play this, or go and participate in that. We notice that the child’s opinion is never heard, most of the time it’s blatantly ignored. Parents are forcing kids to make their way into a certain discourse, as Gee talks about in his article. this excessive forced placed on a child can cause severe self esteem issues. Parents forcing kids to become active, but that have to understand boundaries, and to know when enough is enough. The voice of the child should be heard regardless of the parents motives desires.

From soccer practice, to basketball training, to having a baseball catch, I was always tired. Down time was a treat, almost like dessert. As a young child I very much enjoyed being constantly active, but each individual is different. Many guys I played with are still my friends to this date, this was my parents main goal. Though some weren 't like my friends and I, some of my teammates were forced to come out every year, and play the same…

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