The Violence Of South Africa Essay example

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Fungai Chopo, a Zimbabwean builder, and his family fled from more attacks after a mob of native Durbanites (South Africa’s third biggest cities) busted their house and threatened to kill his wife and children. When Guardian journalists ask Chopo and his wife Memory about their next plans, Memory responded that “[we] came to South Africa for a better life and [we] worked for everything, but we are going home empty-handed, without funds, without passports, without the kids’ birth certificates. Now we have to wait for the transport provided by the government to take us home.” Like Chopo and his families, thousands of families have been affected by the recent surge of hate crimes in South Africa and it is estimated that the country has about two to five million immigrants out of a general population of fifty-one million. Chopo’s story appeared on the April 17th, 2015 issue of Guardian Newspaper. The same newspaper reported that at least five people had been killed by mob violence and more than one hundred people have been displaced from their home. Similarly, 62 people were killed in the May 2008 xenophobic violence, including 21 South Africans, and about 150,000 families were displaced. Recently, the world was alerted about the rising eruption of mob attacks against foreigners in South Africa. As a result of these attacks, the government has been forced to build big refugee camps such as the Chatsworth camp and people have been forced to leave the country to…

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