The Violence Of Police Violence Essay

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Outraged sparked in Los Angeles on March 3, 1991 as a man named Rodney King was severely beaten by Los Angeles Police Department officers. King was involved in a high speed chase along with two other male victims of these brutal police. Bryant Allen was one of the passengers and was manhandled, kicked, stomped on, taunted, and threatened. The other passenger, Freddie Helms, was struck in the head as he lay on the ground harmless. Helms was later treated for a laceration on top of his head (Newton). As for King, he was tased and beaten by batons with excessive force. The commanding officer on scene, Officer Stacey Koon, gave orders to a couple of the other officers to attack King with “power strokes.” Fortunately video footage of this incident was caught and sent to news agencies, sparking protest and more importantly awareness of police violence throughout the nation (Chapter 1). Police officials and supporters will call incidents like this cases of self-defense, however in many cases, it could have been handled differently.
Who does one turn to when the police are the threat? As of September of 2015, 21% of deaths by police were unarmed victims (MintPress News). While numbers may not show rapid growth, communities throughout the United States of America are displaying large amounts of concern for their safety and protection of rights. In most recent news coverage there is often a case of protest towards the police force in which the police have used unnecessary force to…

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