The Violence Of Gang Violence Essay example

1125 Words Jan 8th, 2016 null Page
Throughout the past few years gun violence activity has dramatically increased. In 2012 alone, there has been a lot of deaths due to gang activities. Many innocent people have lost their lives. Gang shootings are beginning to exceed to the fullest due to gang violence in our communities. Innocent people are losing their lives, gang members tearing down our communities, and family members of victims grieving because of their loss. We as a community need to help each and make a change within each other to end the gang violence.

Gang violence is what we see in our everyday life, from losing a loved one, to hearing about a shooting in a neighborhood, and even being shot at. According to the “LAPD” Los Angeles has been know as “Gang Capital” of the nation. Gangs have been around for over 50+ years combining with over 45,000 individuals. When it 's a gang on gang war age and life don’t matter. It is when you hear and see how gang violence is around you, you begin to think and wonder. There has been more than 16,398 verified gang violence crime in Los Angeles. There have been 491 homicides, nearly 7,047 felony assaults, 5,518 robberies, and just under 98 known rapes. Then when you hear and see what is called “100 days and 100 nights” you begin to be scared to stay in your own community. According to “The Daily Beast” two Los Angeles gangs have made a bet to see who can kill the first 100 people in 100 days and 100 nights. This gang war was caused over the death of a man known as…

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