The Violence Of Children Behaving Inappropriately Essay

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Presently, around the world there is an abundance of circumstances surrounding children behaving inappropriately. One can see such negative acts in a public setting, such as a local park where there may be many children playing together. In the midst of this group there is always that one child that is throwing a temper tantrum because he or she was the last one chosen to play in a group game. Or, in a school setting there is a child that is cursing or even hitting at the teacher because he or she wasn’t allowed to go out for recess due to his/her misbehavior. Another situation may be that a child is caught stealing from a grocery store. All of the above are cases of horrendous child behavior. In today’s society we are faced with the growing population of disrespectful and disruptive children. Why is this? Is it the lack of parenting, the norms and notions the media is portraying through television, or is it just the society we are facing as it is today? A generation or two in the past, parenting included valuing the welfare of the child and teaching positive morals and values to live by. Parents acted as affirmative role models. It would have been absurd to see such a behavior from a child back then. Today, the world is confronted with the epidemic of misbehaving children. The lack of strong parenting is an even greater influence on poor adolescent behavior than other factors such as the media and social norms. Parents must take charge of their child’s behavior by…

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