The Violence And Abuse Of Ms 13 Essays

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By creating more jobs, the government can keep the people occupied with a reason to get through the day without getting involved with MS 13. El Salvador is one of the many countries in poverty. Creating more jobs will be difficult, but it can be done with the collaboration of the country’s people. Elaine Denny, from the New York Times says, “A business cannot grow in a place where gangs require monthly or even weekly fees” (Denny, 2015). In many ways she could be right, that is why the violence and abuse of MS 13 has to be stopped. Businesses will not flourish unless MS 13 is stopped. People can barely afford to hire others? The only answer is by stopping MS 13 and by getting the community involved to support each other. The community’s involvement is needed in order for MS 13 to be stopped. Coming together and supporting each other can benefit every one in the community. Supporting each other can make a huge difference in a country where violence is a prominent factor that has to be stopped. “Murders have soared while the government struggles to rein in the powerful criminal gangs that control neighborhoods in many of the country’s cities and towns” (Malkin, 2015). The government is not taking enough action, that is where the community involvement comes in, people need to cooperate with each other to stop gangs from controlling their homes. Speaking about past experiences from any type of involvement with MS 13 can help others figure out a way to stop the violence.…

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