The Use Of Verbal Encouragement On The California Department Of Education Website

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Although there are a few informational resources available on the CA Dept. of Ed. website regarding the CCSS, they are not easy to access. Especially if one does not have access to a computer which many at risk families do not. Baron totes the computer as "a gateway to literacy," if one has knowledge and access (70). One article, a hyperlink attachment on the California Department of Education website, illustrates the main differences between traditional and new methods of solving equations according to the Common Core State Standards. The information includes visual models such as number lines, area models, counting up strategies, etc., that place emphasis on underlying concepts of math with a focus on understanding the problem and fostering individual experimentation with multiple methods of arriving at a solution. Proponents of CCSS support these skills as necessary for future success. The quotes included relegate parents role in students education to that of verbal encouragement due to parents less that adequate education as suggested by included graph of American adult math scores compared to other countries. (the U.S. is third to last) (Libby). Another hyperlink leading to the National Council of Teachers of Math (NCTM) website includes short videos by teachers and administrators aimed at parents to explain some of the theories behind some of the changes in methods of teaching new ideas under the CC. There are also five videos of conversations between Dr. Diane Briars…

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