Essay about The Unrealistic Expectations Of Medicine

2285 Words Nov 29th, 2014 10 Pages
Nicholas A. Cunningham
Professor Evelyne Weeks
CRTW 201H-002
3 December 2014
The Unrealistic Expectations of Medicine in Television
Healthcare today is a hot topic of conversation on campus and among the general public and it can be a controversial issue for many. When a person thinks of healthcare and the people and places where the care takes place, however, their perception may be skewed by the version of hospitals and healthcare workers they see on television. Shows like Grey 's Anatomy, ER, Scrubs and House romanticize the hospital as a place of continual social and emotional drama among the staff and patients. While hospital personnel are socializing, patients experience incredible trauma all around them. However, they seem to be able to take care of these overly dramatized situations too easily.
The patient comes in to the hospital the victim of some catastrophic event or deadly disease and our television medical professional is magically right there with the fix or cure. Not so easy in real life. The emergency department in any inner-city hospital is two-fold. There is the part where patients are triaged from accidents, heart attacks or various other serious emergencies and then there is the part that is used like a clinic by a lot of patients who are not able to afford a doctor’s office visit. Unlike the glamour seen on TV, the true emergency portion is a place where, more often than not, tragedy occurs. The clinic is even less glamorous as medical staff treat…

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