Essay on The University Of Medicine ( Iom )

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The Tribhuvan University established Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 1972 with the consent and responsibility of training every workforce in the health category required in the country. It had developed 12 university grounds within the first decade all over the country. The objectives of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) included production of human resources for health services, using its health institutions to provide health services, and conduct research in health sciences. The World Prosperity Organization is a global reform movement for social progress with a mission to determine how to improve social systems like healthcare, government, education, and families work more efficiently. While both institutions broadly address the issue on healthcare, this paper compares and contrasts different viewpoints from both institutions.
In 1996, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released a report “America’s Health in Transition” that intensely focused on assessing and improving the nation’s healthcare quality. The first thing was to identify the major flaws or problems the overall healthcare quality. The report concluded according to Chassen et al. (1998) that the burden of harm conveyed by the collective impact of the health care quality problem continues to stagger. IOM defines quality health care as the extent to which person or populace healthcare services improve the possibility of preferred health care results and their reliability with current professional expertise. According to…

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