The Universal Design Of Learning Essay

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The CAST website is a recent phenomenon in the educational world. This website promotes a new style of both teaching and learn called the Universal Design of Learning. It is commonly referred to, as UDL.UDL is a type of teaching that promotes learning for all students. It focuses on “minimizing barriers and maximizing learning” (About Universal Design for Learning). All students learn different and it is important to recognize this. UDL believes that the way each student learns is about as unique as his or her fingerprint. Because of this, teachers must take steps to teach their students in new and appropriate ways to accommodate for all students regardless of the way they learn. There are three essential steps to successfully completing UDL. They are representation, action and expression, and engagement.
The first step to teaching with UDL is representation. It is the “what” of learning. Representation is trying to reach learners who are knowledgeable and express what they are being taught during lessons in multiple ways. This step recognizes that everyone may want to learn the information differently and with this being said it is presented to him or her differently. It allows students to be independent as it is adaptive to all learning styles and preferences. It is literally presenting information for students to learn in a variety of forms in order to please all students.
Action and Expression The next part of UDL is action and…

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