The United States During World War II Essay

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Ever since the United States had the Civil War there has been plenty of events that occurred, that can be described as having a big impact on the identity of the United States. There nothing in this world more important than unity, especially when a time of war and we saw that in the United States during World War I, II and the Cold War. We also saw that the United States had the ability to thrive under pressure during severe time .During, World War I the United States establish themselves as a difficult opponent and a powerful country. During World War they showed the world that their military was superior to any other country and the patriotism of their people. The Cold War showed a more diplomatic approach in order to solve issues between countries. The Vietnam War was a turning point in history because we saw unity in previous war were as in this war people feared the worst and grew suspicious of the government due to their decision.
During the 1800’s Vietnam was controlled by France until France was defeated during World War II. France lost their power and the Vietnamese gain independency. However, France would not give up that easy and both countries fought for control of the land, this war was called “The Battle of Bien Phu”.During, the war 40,000 troops from the Vietnamese army attacked the French which led to the to the French surrendering. The Geneva Peace Accords was created in order to settle the argument between both parties which was signed by the…

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