The Treaty Of Versailles, By Vittorio Orlando Essay

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This source is Article 231 from The Treaty of Versailles, written by the “allied and associated governments” (Treaty of Versailles, Article 231). The Treaty was signed after World War 1, by Vittorio Orlando, an Italian Premier; David Lloyd George, The British Prime Minister; Georges Clemenceau, The French Prime Minister; and Woodrow Wilson, The American President (Interpretation: Treaty of Versailles 2014). It was basically signed in order to solve all the unsolved problems left after the war, including the returning of territories, namely Alsace-Lorraine back to France. Also, The Treaty was said to be very harsh upon Germany with the army reduced, and reparations had to be paid due to their involvement in the war.

The First World War was devastating for so many nations around the world, namely in Europe, with so many military personnel, as well as citizens being killed. In terms of military personnel, Britain had around 750,000 soldiers killed, with France and Russia suffering 1.4 million, and 1.7 million, respectively (The Treaty of Versailles). Germany had the most number of soldiers killed,with 2 million dead, and Belgium suffered the least with 50,000 men killed (The Treaty of Versailles). Obviously, there were many men and women who were wounded severely during the war. Germany was to take most of the blame of the war, for their wrong-doings, and it showed the political strength nations such as USA, France and Britain had over Germany. This is then why ‘The War…

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