The Trailer And A Trailer Essay examples

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Imagine, for a moment, that you are about to load flour pallets onto a reefer trailer. You inspect the trailer and notice an odor that smells similar to raw meat. As you walk to the nose of the trailer, you notice a reddish liquid in the grooves of the floor. Do you load the trailer because the product you are loading is on pallets?
Or imagine that the trailer you are inspecting is swept out and clean, but you notice large cracks in the floor of the trailer. Do you reject the trailer? Do you tape up the cracks or lay cardboard down on the floor to cover up the cracks and then load the trailer? Does it depend on the customer? Does it matter if the product is on pallets or sits directly on the trailer floor?
Deciding if a trailer can be loaded or if a trailer should be rejected is not always an easy task. What can seem as harmless as cracks in a trailer floor or liquid in the nose of a trailer can lead to serious issues. These issues can jeopardize the safety and integrity of the product and the health and well-being of the customer.

Contamination during transport

Contamination of products during transportation remains a significant issue. Trailers that are not clean and kept well-maintained, trailers that have transported hazardous materials on previous loads, as well as LTL loads pose the greatest contamination risk. Much of the problem is a result of poor training on the part of the trucking industry in regard to food safety, and due to the need to eliminate empty back…

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