Essay on The Tragedy Of William Shakespeare 's Macbeth

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Many elements build up a play to be that of one of a tragedy. Shakespeare’s Macbeth was one of his greatest plays, in fact it is his most popular tragedy even though it is also his shortest of its kind. At the beginning of the play the witches mention an ongoing war. After King Duncan’s death, nature is seen reflecting the subjects’ mood. Later, no one is pleased with Macbeth’s reign of terror, his subjects complain and the witches are seen planning his fall. It is also seen that Lady Macbeth mentally suffers and sleep walks. The play Macbeth meets the criteria of a tragedy and this results from chaos established through setting and conflict, the influence of supernatural elements on Macbeth as well as elements of nature reflecting the mood and suffering inflicted on others by Macbeth. Chaos in the play is established through setting and conflict. When the witches first plan to meet Macbeth “When the hurlyburly is done” and “When the battle’s lost and won” (Shakespeare 1.1.3-4). Chaos is established at the beginning through the setting of on going events, from the witches’ reference. In addition, there is a lack of order in the battle where the people oppose the king through turmoil. Chaos is also manifested through people’s internal conflicts and guilt, where the character exhibits actions that are out of the ordinary. The doctor is astonished by Lady Macbeth’s sleep walk routine because she is able “to receive at once the/ benefit of sleep and do the effects of watching”…

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