Essay on The Time Series Design Components

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Time Series Design Components

Time series designs are one of several ways that data can be looked at and collected when doing research on any particular topic. When doing your research, you want to choose the method of data collection that will best suit your study. For some, a time series design would be the best method, for others it may be a qualitative collection method. For the purpose of this paper the time series design method will be described and illustrated in its methods of use.
Reflection of Time Series Design A time series design is defined as a research method in which the same data is collected over different points in time. For example, taking crime ratings in the same neighborhood each summer, to see if police presence has lowered, raised or not made a difference in crime ratings, this would be the purpose of the design. With this description come several components of the method. There are three guiding principles of the design. Prediction, verification, and replication: all of which are very important to the outcome of the study. Prediction is exactly that, predicting the outcome of the unknown measurement either presently or in the future. Verification is a process by which the counselor can increase the probability that the change from one phase to intervention is the reason the behavior changed. Replication is an important aspect of time series design as it is the one variable that provides you with confidence that a behavioral change has…

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