The Time Is Now - Original Writing Essay

1199 Words Sep 21st, 2014 5 Pages
The time is now. I am back stage pacing back and forth trying not to panic. I am wearing tan khakis, with a blue buttoned up shirt with a light gray cardigan around my neck, I was dressed as Warner from Legally Blonde. This adrenaline inside me is taking over, everyone is telling me that I am going to do well, but deep down I am trying not to vomit from being so nervous. Lights fade out. It is my time to shine. In the midst of this darkness, I walked over to the old fashioned metal high stools that stood center stage while my fellow actress awaited my arrival. We grab hands, look at each other and the lights rise up on the both of us. The music kicked in. This is what I dreamt of, this is what I worked for, but also what completely scared me. I began to sing, being so nervous you could hear how my voice shook in the air and you could see my body visibly shaking. Within the next moment, the song was over and the audience had lit up like a new born fire and burst through, making the tension that was all built up to just ease away. This was the moment, I knew that I could make it. This was the moment, I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life. I was at home in my basement and the carpet was soft as feathers. The air was cold from the air conditioner that had been running all day. I was seven years old and I was dressed like a Power Ranger. The outfit was from a box set which I had received as a present. It had begun, the fight of a lifetime. I kicked and dove throughout…

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