Essay about The Time Binding Single Mothers

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Time Binding Single Mothers Mothers who are single or married are required to take care of the children and complete chores at home. However, there has been a major complication with possessing time. Since the late 1980s, low-income mothers are in need to dedicate most of their time working. Poor women have to resort to government assistance in order to support the family. When not working at home and having to tend to children and chores, the problem of unpaid time used causes a major bind. Despite having programs to support individuals and families, the fact of those programs most likely to terminate due to the pricing of paid work and forgotten unpaid time is concerning. Randy Albelda, a specialist in gender and poverty issues, evaluates the official measurement of poverty, mothers and government-assisted individuals who tend to their children, the execution of unpaid chores, and the government programs that participate in supply support. Most mothers in the US didn’t work and stayed at home to tend to chores and children until the late 1970s. Once mothers began to work, the wages were low and the pay was few for them. Men were being paid more and worked longer hours. When the Social Security Act of 1935 became official in the US, the focus was disability, unemployment, and cash assistance for women groups with dependent children. In that same year there were working-age families containing a married couple with one male wage earner and one female caregiver. If there…

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