The Time A Dog Taught Loyalty Essay

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The Time a Dog Taught Loyalty Do people ever sit back and reminisce on their past relationships? Whether it be on past friendships or romantic relationships, both types come and go throughout everyone’s life. Particularly during the adolescence years. A vast majority of the people that come and go throughout one’s life have different personalities, ethics and morals. Many of which do not mirror another’s. If there is someone that has not been disappointed by or hurt by someone else, I envy them. Luckily, God put four-legged fury angels on this planet to teach people the meanings of loyalty, true love, and a true friend. I grew up in a spilt household, my parent were never married but they split up when I was around four years old. It was tough on a young child, even more difficult as that young child grew into a moody, puberty-stricken teenager. My father and I did not see eye-to-eye on many things. My father was and still is an alcoholic. As a result, I became depressed. I was a preteen caring for her alcoholic father and had felt like his mother since I was young and was able to do things myself. I was an independent child and because of this, my father neglected his “fatherly duties” and would pass out many times and I could not awaken him. I soon grew tired of this and decided to only stay at my mother and stepfather’s house and visit my father when he was sober. Dealing with depression as a young child formed me into an antisocial, untrusting teenager. As the years…

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