The Threat Of Nuclear Energy Essay

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Nuclear energy has certainly come a long way since its introduction to the public in 1945. The world stood in shock at the revelation of the destructive capabilities of the two first nuclear weapons “Fat Man” and “Little Boy.” The actual development of nuclear energy began in the 20th century following the discovery of the elements uranium and plutonium. When the bombs were detonated these elements produced enormous sums of energy in the form of both heat and radiation; these hazardous explosions covered entire cities in an iconic mushroom smog cloud. The infamous explosive smog can be seen in Figure 1 to understand the catastrophic power of this energy release. The meticulous challenge for scientists since then has been to research how to harness this destructive energy into a safe alternative energy source that society could ultimately benefit from.

Traditional electricity is composed of the burning of fuel sources, such as coal, oil or natural gases. The fuel is placed inside an electricity generator that completely burns the fuel source inside. While the fuel is burned, water constantly flows throughout the machine. The large amount of heat produced by the combustion is enough to boil the water flowing through to produce steam. The steam is then utilized to mobilize the turbine found within the generator. The turbine is composed of an immense magnet surrounded by a metal wire, once the turbine is set in motion by the steam; the two components create a magnetic…

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