The Theory Of Scientific Progress Essay

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A scientific progress is defined as science making progress through showing scientific knowledge, to grow there must be more knowledge found from when there was at the start. Until Kuhn and Popper the concept of scientific progress was not well heard off, they both attempted to explain in which the way science progresses and both remain a part of influencer history.

Thomas Kuhn’s theory of science came about in 1964, right after Popper’s theory discrediting it. Although they both have different theories Kuhn’s theory built on Popper’s that rather than to attack a theory to falsify it, the theory should be accepted and reshaped.

Popper’s theory of falsification (1963) explained that before a theory can be scientifically accepted, it must be disproved. That scientists should try to disprove their theories, to look for data that contradicts the theory. If they cannot be falsified then they are not scientific theories.
However his theory was not so well accepted, and Thomas Kuhn built on Popper’s theory of falsification with his theory of science.

Thomas Kuhn’s theory of science (1964), explained that within your theory you should discover the anomalies rather than disproving it and attempt to solve them instead, putting them through a stage of revolution where you throw out what doesn’t work and replace it with what does.
Kuhn’s theory influenced many and he became known as the “man who changed the way the world looked at science.”

Kuhn’s Theory…

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