The Theory Of Democratic Peace Essay

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Mia Hill
Professor Dr. Anta Sane
Intro to Political Science
20 November 2014
The Theory of Democratic Peace
The theory of democratic peace started back in the 1700’s where philosopher Immanuel Kant hypothesized in his essay “Perpetual Peace” that majority of countries in the world would not go to war, unless they were going for self defense against another country. Additionally in 1776, Thomas Paine fed off of Kant’s theory by stating that the kings in Europe were only going to go to war out of pride, while the Republics of Europe were not. (Paine Common Sense) But it was not until the 1960’s where the true meaning of democratic peace became clear. The theory democratic peace states that democracies are extremely skeptical about going to war with other democracies. It argues that nation states governed by democratic regimes do not tend to have conflicts with other countries that would lead to war. Countries tend to be under three types of rule: a democratic, an authoritarian and a totalitarian. Under a democratic rule or democracy everyone is treated equally and has equal rights. Authoritarian rule, countries favor strict obedience to authority from the government, at the expense of personal freedom. Lastly, under totalitarian rule the government holds all the authority over the society and seeks to control all aspects of public and private life wherever possible. Through the structure of countries under democratic rule, authoritarian rule and totalitarian rule I will prove…

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