The Sustainability Of Supply Chains Essay

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The sustainability of supply chains has aroused increasing concern in a competitive environment today. However, companies are more focusing on greater speed and lower cost in their operations while ignore the changes in the market, which is not enough to maintain or enhance their competitive advantages in the long-term (Lee, 2004). This essay will start with explaining how to improve a supply chain in a competitive context by using examples, and then identify the role of technology and talent in a continuous improvement. At last some suggestions will be put forward as guiding principles for addressing the challenges in talent management.

A supply chain is ‘a strand of linked operations’ (Slack et al, 2010). The basic objectives of building supply chains are to achieve appropriate levels of five different aspects: quality, speeds, dependability, flexibility and cost (ibid). Due to the effects of globalization, economic situation and many other factors that influence the market structure, companies are facing unexpected challenges and pressure, including their supply chains (Alvarez & Marsal, 2014). In addition to building highly efficient supply chains, companies should focus on developing agility, adaptability and alignment in their supply chain systems, which is a ‘Triple A supply chain’ (Lee, 2004).

In order to respond to sudden changes and get ahead of the competitors within a changing market, companies who use agile supply chains can respond cost-efficiently in a short…

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