Essay about The Success Of Inner Success

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We believe inner success is entirely based on individual actions and thought, our actions may eventually guide us to our “end-point”, yet we have to consider people and concepts hold a great influence over our “individual” actions. Success can be achieves through the ideas od great people before us and the ordinary people around us. What happens if we don’t achieve the success that we are seeking? Sometimes when we are so caught up in what society deems “successful”, we forget what success truly means to us, we lose sight of our goals and tend to sway with the decisions of others. Do we mistake society’s beliefs with our own? Can we completely fail whilst searching for true success? With or without a plan; there is absolutely no guarantee we achieve the success we desire, because outside factors can redirect us to a better or seldom worse position, your journey to success is purely dependent upon other people.

Fulfilling inner success means to get to a certain point or reach a certain goal, inner success comes from desire. This includes the path we take; some paths will be filled with unnecessary struggles, and some journeys will be unsuccessful. Author of The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne, shows us Hester Prynne’s struggles. After being shunned from Puritan society, she still has goals. Hester’s goals are also very farfetched, however normal they seem today, the time frame in which this story takes place makes Hester 's “inner success” seem unachievable. Being…

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