The Success Of Benjamin Franklin Essay

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Carlos Mangundayao
David Howard-Pitney
History 17A
November 20, 2014 The Success of Benjamin Franklin
We all might know and see Benjamin Franklin everyday in our current hundred dollar bills. What we don 't know is all his achievements, success, and huge contributions to American history. Franklin established the American Philosophical Society, which is an association of the advancement of science. He held some minor positions responsible for printing work for the government. In that time, he also began Poor Richard 's Almanac, which became popular in Philadelphia. His success may not be always remembered by all of us, but his contributions in society back in his time was remarkable. Franklin is a self made man, making his fortune out of hard work. He believed that networking is important and that to move up the ladder you need to meet important people. Franklin sees the bigger picture and knew that the quality of a product is vital to keeping good business. He knew the importance of improving a tool instead of creating something new. Benjamin knew that to be successful, he needed to build a strong network with others, create the best quality and efficiency in his products, and improving ideas to its maximum potential. Benjamin was born and raised in Boston. He was fifteen years of age when he delivered daily papers during the day and composed articles for the daily papers during the evening. He loved pursuing in writing and his employment prepared him to be a better…

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