Essay on The Struggle For Verbal Awareness

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As the day wore on, Gudrun, Rupert, and Ursula were getting ready to head back to London for Gerald’s Memorial. Ursula couldn’t help to see unhappiness and sorrow on Rupert’s face. Ursula asks him “what wrong, you look worse than Gudrun?” When Rupert reflects about his difference on life, love, and new beginnings with Ursula. He slowly says, “I think I am in love with the void.” Rupert’s insistence on his deep bond with Gerald implies that his marriage to Ursula will never be entirely fulfilled because of that missing element. Ursula couldn 't believe what Birkin said. Ursula replied “You can’t believe that because of the death of Gerald that our marriage will not last.” “No but any man of real individuality tries to know and to understand what is happening, even in himself, as he goes along; the struggle for verbal awareness shouldn 't be left out in art it’s a very great part of life.” Ursula couldn’t understand why having a relationship with a man was as important to Birkin.
When they all arrived in London for the memorial service Gudrun went her separate way. Telling Birkin and Ursula that she just needs time and space to just understand what happen and why. As the day went on Ursula was thinking about her sister and what Birkin said about needing a male relationship. While Birkin was thinking about Gerald and how he will be greatly missed. While, Gudrun is confused and flooded with emotions even her dancing was not capable to make her feel gratis as she once did…

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