The Story Of Beauty And The Beast Essay

1491 Words Nov 18th, 2014 6 Pages
The story of Beauty and the Beast is a timeless fairytale retold for decades. The most famous version is Disney’s animated movie. The story is about a beautiful girl who was able to look beyond beastly features and fall in love with a beautiful personality. It was Disney’s attempt to influence a younger generation of what the concept of BEAUTY should be. As time passed and society became exposed to ever-changing standards of BEAUTY, it raises the question, what is true BEAUTY? BEAUTY is a complex and subjective topic. Its many perceptions have created a perpetuating discussion for society, and even philosophers. In modern times, it is common to associate BEAUTY with outer appearance. To me, BEAUTY is beyond what meets the eye. BEAUTY is personality, because looks fade, but character does not. With many opinions of the concept of BEAUTY, do facts better support BEAUTY as a moral or physical feature? Webster’s Third New International Dictionary defines BEAUTY as “a characteristic or perfect combination of characteristics affording great sensory pleasure.” This definition remains neutral in the debate of BEAUTY being internal or external. It defines BEAUTY as something that appeals to the senses, which could be hearing or sight. How can BEAUTY be heard? To better understand how BEAUTY can be heard, one must think of the process of friendship. Friendship is created through common interest, often revealed through conversation. BEAUTY, in the aesthetic sense, is perceived through…

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