The Slavery Of The United States Essay

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Ever since the beginning, slavery has always been a growing conflict in the United States. However in the 1800s, it became such a problem that it nearly separated the whole country. Those that lived in southern states believed that they had the rights to own slaves. They argued that the slavery made up a fairly large part of their economy because slave labor was cheap. This is why many of the big time planters were rich. Also, they felt African Americans were unfit to survive on their own. Northern citizens felt that there was no need for slavery and that it was wrong. But who is right regarding this situation. It all depends on the individual. The back and forth arguing between the north and south was intense, neither backing down from the other. However some people’s opinions meant more than others. These people were willing to stand up and fight for what they believed, whether it was for or against slavery. Their voices and actions were noticed throughout the nation and inspired many from their represented groups. Nat Turner was a slave from Southern County, Virginia. Tired of being taken advantage of and the lack of respect, he planned a rebellion against the southern white population. Known as the most sensational rebellion of all time. Claiming the lives of at least fifty white people, many white Southerns began gunning down slaves and free blacks while also putting a stricter restriction on their education, marriage and freedom to gather together. Before he was…

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