The Seven Principle Sociological Perspectives Essay

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This essay will be explaining the seven principle sociological perspectives. The seven principle sociological perspectives are Functionalism, Marxism, Feminism, Interactionism, Postmodernism, The New Right and Collectivism. Sociology is the understanding of different people, breaking down the word sociology; ‘soci’ means society and ‘ology’ means the science of. The main aim of sociology is to try to describe and explain human behaviour within society. Sociology studies subjects such as religion, crime, family, law, poverty, prejudice, race and gender. Sociology also studies different terms which include social structures, social diversity and socialisation. A social structure means the things that make up society in the UK, for example how we have a free education system whereas a lot of other countries don’t and how we have the NHS which is a free health care system. Social diversity means the differences between people within a society, for example age, race and gender are all diverse factors of society as they are all differences, other differences include religion, languages and ethnicity. There are two types of socialisation, primary socialisation is learning the norms like manners and expected behaviour from family members and what they believe is a ‘norm’. This is why people exhibit certain behaviour, because it’s what they’re family believe and what they are brought up to be like, for example their view on racism could differ due to what their family think.…

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