The Separate Spheres Ideology Shaped Women 's Lives During The Nineteenth Century

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Explain How the Separate Spheres Ideology Shaped Women’s Lives During the Nineteenth Century.

The British Victorian Era saw men have power over everything to do with politics, society and economy. Women in late 19th and early 20th century were thought to be inferior and property to their male counterparts. This stemmed from the genuine believe that each gender, in biological terms, were different. It is thought that men were logical and rational thinkers, whereas women were tied more to their emotions and feelings. This shaped the separate spheres ideology, where men were public workers and breadwinners, and women were private housekeepers and comforters. This ideal created the belief that a woman was the property of her husband, and her main purpose in her life was to keep him content. This, as a result had a huge effect on every aspect of women’s lives at this time.

With women being considered to be inferior emotionally, physically and morally to men, their lives throughout this period in history were very limited and controlled. Mary Lydon Shanley explains “Women’s position in law as a wife, mother and citizen, remained so far below that of a man, that it was a ‘matter of course that she be regarded by him as an inferior.’” The culture which existed at this time, involving drinking and domestic violence, was thought to be a result of the economic insecurities, but most importantly the separate spheres ideology, which seen men have power over women in every aspect of…

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