The Second Time Is The Charm Essay

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The Third Time is the Charm History is the story of humanity. This story has forever been in a cycle that includes war and violence. The cycle of humanity is different all over the world. Some countries have been at war for a long time and others alternate between war and peace. People strive for peace, but there is always somebody who tries to disrupt it. Disruptors of peace are called terrorists. They instill fear and terror in people and cause a fight or flight reaction. To protect the people, a group of leaders were banded together to create the United Nations. This council promotes peace and fights against terrorism. Even though this group unites leaders of multiple nations, it does not unite the people in the nations. History is known to repeat itself. Either the world never learns from its mistakes or the cycle is inevitable. One of the biggest wars ever, World War One was devastating and changed the world forever. If that was not enough the Second World War was worse. If history repeats itself then there will be another world war. Terrorism was the cause of the previous World Wars, and it will also be the cause of World War Three. Approximately one-hundred and one years ago on June 28, 1914 the archduke of Austria-Hungary was assassinated and this action sparked the First World War (Levinson). A secret society from Serbia led the attack, so Austria-Hungary declared war against Serbia (Levinson). This attack from Serbia was violent, brought intimidation¸ and had a…

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