The Sanctity Of Life Is An Idea That Has Been Shaped Since The Beginning Of Civilization

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The importance of human life is an idea that has been shaped since the beginning of civilization. The sanctity of life is an idea instilled within us from our Creator but has been subverted and chipped away by the progressive agenda in the past century. Webster 's Dictionary defines life as “an organismic state characterized by capacity for metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction” (373). However, life is much more than simply existing and surviving. Life is a spiritual existence that transcends death and makes time spent on earth important. Life is about standing for something, learning, growing, and making a difference. The sanctity of life is sacrosanct, and it is absolutely wrong to kill, shorten or prevent the creation of life; it imposes an unremitting duty to preserve, prolong, and create new life. Unfortunately, the sanctity of life continues to lose importance and meaning in today 's culture. When the sanctity of life becomes unimportant in a culture, horrific acts that were once criminal and taboo become normal and acceptable. This leads to an increase in violent crimes, violence in schools, suicide, abortion, and euthanasia (Stover 2). Today 's culture is one fascinated with death. This obsessive undercurrent tends to destroy cultures, dating back before Ancient Rome. The American culture is consistently becoming more violent and places less of a value on life, which is shown in the TV shows, movies, music, and other icons that people idolize…

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