Essay about The Salem Witch Trials By William Bradford

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Back in the colonial times was very different from now, it was pretty harsh times considering how strongly everyone at that time believed in evil and religion. There were many writers who wrote about this time in history and expressed how it was back then. Many felt at that time that God and evil was everywhere, which frightened them. This fear and the thought that people were consorting with the devil or possessed caused a lot of suffering. The Salem Witch Trials was one of the many tragedies that befell the colonists due to their fears as depicted in Cotton Mather’s writings of the Salem Witch Trials. This fear and belief that the colonists held also led to the puritans written in William Bradford’s writing’s, where they thought because of what was happening to them and what they believed that they were the chosen people of god. The next writing who writes on the times does so in the form of poems and in Anne Bradstreet’s poems she was led to believe that God was present in nature. The last of the writers that have written on how the world was back in the colonization years is Jonathan Edwards who believed like almost all of the people in the colonization days that God is real and so is evil. All of these writers wrote on how the world was in there experiences just like the tell of Young Goodman Brown and in this tale it depicts many of the same comparisons in each of the different writers works.
I think that Nathaniel Hawthorne 's tale of the Young Goodman Brown kind of…

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