Essay on The Role of Government in the U.S. Health Care System

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I strongly believe that healthcare is a basic human right; however, the reality is that health care is often based on privilege and/or driven by employer benefits. There are many factors to consider when discussing healthcare as a basic human right. All individuals, regardless of income, race, or status should be treated equally when it comes to safe, effective, and quality health care. Even though I believe healthcare should be a human right, we have to consider how this would be feasible among different populations and societies. According toMaruthappu, Ologunde, and Gunarajasingam (2012) “a fundamental difficulty with considering healthcare as a right is that this right, unlike many others, is dependent upon the resources of a society, …show more content…
Focusing of preventative healthcare and related programs should be a top priority for the government. “Healthy behavior can help people avoid disease and injury or prevent disease or injury from getting worse” (Knickman & Kovner, 2105, p 7, para 5). Prevention programs can ultimately drive the costs of healthcare down.

High Deductibles Impacting Healthcare Delivery

Many patients face the burden of deciding whether or not to seek healthcare due to high deductibles on their insurance plan. It’s truly unfortunate that when people actually have insurance, they are unable to afford to use it. While health insurance premiums are affordable for most people, the high-deductibles are not (Pear, 2015, p. A22). Although the Affordable Health Care Act dramatically reduced the population of uninsured individuals, it did not solve the high cost of health care for many Americans. Simply put, patients with high-deductible plans often do not seek treatment when they need it, or if they do, are unable to pay for some or all of their bill. In addition, patients with high deductible plans may be treated differently in the health care setting. According to Kutscher (2015), “High-deductible plans are changing the way health systems interact with their patients, from where they get care to how they're presented with their bills” (para 1). The article written by Kutscher has solidified my stance on believing the government should address the issue of high-deductible insurance.

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