The Rise Of Mussolini And The Pro Fascist Citizens Essay

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Today Mussolini is remembered as a hated dictator who, along with Hitler and Stalin, ushered in an of totalitarian ¬¬– an ideology, a single party typically led by one man, a terroristic police, a communications monopoly, a weapons monopoly, and a centrally directed economy – repression unsurpassed in human history. He plunged his country into an alliance with Nazi Germany and a disastrous war, leaving it literally in ruins. Yet Italy’s relationship with and feeling towards the dictator were; and remain, complex and contradictory. We know much about how Fascism functioned in Italy in the 1930s, the major institutions, figures and policies. However, how the ordinary Italian has viewed Mussolini during his lifetime has remained somewhat of a mystery. This paper will examine the rise of Mussolini and the pro-fascist citizens. It is with this, that I hope to gain a better understand of why many Italians followed Mussolini.
In the early twentieth century Italy was a liberal state with civil rights and a constitutional monarchy. However, there were serious problems. Poverty was widespread, and local identification with the national state was often weak. Moreover, the papacy, many devout Catholics, conservatives, and landowners remained opposed to the middle-class lawyers and politicians who ran the country for their own benefit. Church-state relations were often tense. Class differences were also extreme, and by 1912 the Socialist Party’s radical wing led the powerful…

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