The Rights Of The Red Shirt Essay

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As the Minister of Justice, it is important to remember that justice is served to the right people and in this case it is the people who have been threatened by The Purple Shirts and have lost someone due to their absurd rules. There is a strong amount of people who want to punish these Grudge Informers thus, it is important that we provide them justice through law. By using the court and laws as means to accomplish their murderous intentions, the Grudge Informers’ actions were certainly cruel and inhumane. Out of all five perspectives that were presented by the deputies, I agree with deputy 3 as he offers solutions that are most reasonable for the Purple Shirts dispute. Grudge Informers’ are citizens of the state, who report others for unimportant crimes such as, listening to foreign radio broadcast and hoarding more than the permitted amount of dried eggs. Citizens report these crimes, to not better the state, but, on the contrary, for selfish reasons like a grudge, thus giving them the name of a ‘grudge informer’. Knowing the fact that reporting others for these so-called crimes will result in death, the Grudge informers’ used the law, as a weapon to kill their enemies thus making them murders. This situation cannot be completely blamed on Grudge Informers but also the Purple Shirt leaders. The leaders of the Purple Shirt party should be punished for their unreasonable and inhumane laws and regulations, which lead to the death of many innocent people. This situation can…

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