Essay about The Rights of Same-Sex Marriage

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The Rights of Same-Sex Marriage
Erin Collier
SOC 120
Brianne Larson
July 1, 2013

Same-sex couples who commit to one another and choose to share every aspect of their lives should have all have of the same rights and responsibilities as a hetero-sexual couple.
Discrimination, no matter what form it takes, is wrong. Surely we have all been on the receiving end of discrimination at some point in our lives and usually for something out of our control like race, gender religion, age, weight, height or even something as silly as hair color. Why is society so quick to judge people for something beyond their control, like who they fall in love with? Being gay is not a choice, a lifestyle, or a phase – it is just what someone is, and to
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If an emergency, such as a health crisis occurs between a gay couple, they have no say so in any of the healthcare decisions of their partner and they are not entitled to the family medical leave act. When a married person dies, his or her spouse is considered the next of kin. The homosexual's surviving partner does not have that right. Even in cases where wills are present, family members have sued for burial rights, property etc., on grounds of dementia or undue influences (Lukert, 2013). My aunt was over 70 when she passed away, we’ll call her Aunt M. She had been with the same person for more than 40 years (Aunt V). The two shared a home, their lives and even the care of my Aunt M’s elderly mother, but because they were a same-sex couple my aunt’s partner was not recognized by the state of Michigan as her next of kin. Doctors refused to talk to my Aunt V about any of the medical treatment Aunt M was receiving, she had no say where or how Aunt M was to buried when the time came, Aunt V was left with nothing. Thankfully my family recognized her even if the law did not and involved her in the all of the decision making, but that is not always the case. These two woman were together longer and had a stronger bond than most “traditional” marriages, and yet in the eyes of the law they were no more than spinster roommates. Same-sex couples have a harder time

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