The Regulation Of Own Behavior At Times Essay

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Discovering Social Conformity
The regulation of own behavior at times can be intriguing guided my self-esteem and social acceptance. However, can our morals reach to a point where social obedience overrides our own beliefs? How can such behavior be tested? Milgram and Zimbardo tested such belief and came to discover the astonishing human behavior. Milgram’s and Zimbardo’s study confirm that conformity is a natural response in human nature regardless of social norms.
Milgram’s Study: Organized a group of volunteers to act as teachers or instructors. Then Milgram acted as the authority in the group establishing his dominant role he told the teachers to administer to a total stranger electrical shocks (Haslam & Reicher, 2012). In Haslam & Reicher (2012) stated over 65% of the men gave 450V, an extremely high voltage just because an authority figured told them to. Thus we can determine that even when an individual knows that another person will be injured, they feel trapped due to social pressure and guide themselves by utilizing evaluation apprehension (Baumeister & Bushman, 2014). Thus tend to conform to the dominant or narcissistic authority
Zimbardo’s Experiment Zimbardo’s Prison Experiment explored the effects of obedience and conformity displaced without an established authority figured (Haslam & Reicher, 2012). In Haslam & Reicher (2012) explains how just the social idea of an authoritative figure creates the sense of dehumanizing others that do not in the social…

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