The Reflection Of James Joyce 's Araby Essay

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I believe Araby is a reflection of James Joyce own childhood. The story manipulates light and darkness as a metaphor for the conflict of fantasies and reality in the boy. Light that symbolizes hope, illusion fiction and similarly, darkness expresses pessimism, truth and realism in narrator’s dilemma. Unlike other stories, “Araby” does not use name for the characters instead a young “boy” for the main character and “Mangan’s sister” for the girl he has a crush on. The reason for this anonymity is that the author wants the reader to relate to the epiphany the boy faces in the story. We all have our moments of epiphanies when we have a crush on someone and we get our hopes so high that we imagine our lives with them for an instance but, at the end realize that we have given a greater importance to something that is unrealistic, not meant for us and it is not worth it. In this essay I am going to discuss about the transition of the youngish boy’s feeling for Mangan’s sister. It is evident that the boy is shy and confused about his feelings and about to hit adolescence with little guidance from family and society. The trip to bazaar alters his feelings from infatuation to indifferent after being familiarized with the truth. The poem is about the young boy and the struggle he makes for his love. The boy adored Mangan’s siter and his feelings for the girl were really intense as he describes, "pressed the palms of my hands together until they trembled, murmuring: 'O love! O…

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