The Reality Of The Modern Tv And Book Series Game Of Thrones Essay

1005 Words Mar 25th, 2016 5 Pages
In the popular TV and book series Game of Thrones it’s mainly about more than a few noble houses battle a domestic war over who should be king, while a banished princess attempts to find her position in the world, and the kingdom is endangered by some intensifying supernatural danger in the north. Gender is a lot more restraining in Game of Thrones than it is in reality. The positions for men and women are pretty constricted because women are perceived as pretty and nice; and men are tough and skilled at violence. At least, that 's the way ideas are meant to be believed to be. But, not anything ever takes place easily. As an alternative we 're given a several men and women who moves forward against the limitations that society has provided them, whether it 's boyish Arya or sympathetic Samwell. These individuals don 't succeed in most cases in altering the way society considers about gender, but they do make us very interest in how strict these gender roles really are.
The medieval motivated culture in which Game of Thrones takes place in general is look at as a person who dislikes or doesn 't like to be influenced by women in the way that the show and book is put together. Land and titles are only distributed by way of the men in a bloodline however the females are for all intents and purposes married off to produce a result of a political achievement or a good will pact. Women are predestined to wear long elegant dresses, look gorgeous, conceive babies, and bow to to…

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