The Reality Of Reality Tv Essay

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Reality TV has been around since the late 1940’s when Allen Funt headlined a show called Candid Camera. This was followed in 1950 with a show named Truth or Consequences. The 1970’s had programs called Real People and That’s Incredible. These shows were, for the most part, considered wholesome entertainment that the entire family could watch and were quite tame in comparison to what is on television today. Reality TV exploded in the 2000’s and it remains one of the most popular genres in television. Prior to that, shows with high ratings were frequently fictional in nature. Reality TV shows like Teen Mom, Keeping up with the Kardashians and Dash Dolls are being watched by adolescents and they are clearly influencing just about all aspects of their lives. Today’s adolescents are having cosmetic surgery because it “is relatively commonplace and accepted as a form of appearance enhancement” (Turner, 2004), are becoming more sexual at an earlier age, and have liberal views of teen pregnancy ( 'Study: Heavy viewers of 'Teen Mom ' and '16 and Pregnant ' have unrealistic views of teen pregnancy ', 2014) to name but a few examples. While adults can appreciate that reality TV is just a form of entertainment and often, it is in fact scripted, adolescents are deeply affected by what they see on television and will make decisions based on this. Reality TV teaches adolescents what is valued in today’s society – looks, material things and attitudes.
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