The Readiness Of Laurel School For Plc 's Essay

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For this assignment I conducted an assessment survey to gauge the readiness of Laurel School for PLC’s. I surveyed the special areas teachers and the two librarians along with myself to get 10 surveys completed. I’m new to my school and we are actually starting to implement PLC’s. Laurel School, built on a 23 acre site in 1977, is located in Franklin County on State Road 121, one-half mile south of the town of Laurel. Laurel School serves children in the rural townships of Laurel, Posey, Salt Creek, and Metamora. Many families attending Laurel School operate small farms or commute to neighboring counties for employment. Others are owner operators of small businesses or work for government agencies. Laurel School is by far the largest employer in the surrounding area and among the largest employers in the county. In 1996, Laurel School was designated as a Title I School. There are 462 students enrolled in preschool through eighth grade at Laurel School. Enrollment at Laurel includes two sections of all-day kindergarten. Other special programs and models at Laurel School include a gifted education program for grades three through sixth, preschool, full day kindergarten, honors English class for grades seventh and eighth, a speech teacher and a guidance counselor. Laurel School is also fortunate to have three state of the art computer labs. Laurel School has a full time technology staff member and a half time technology staff member, as well as a fully staffed media…

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