The Raven, By Edgar Allan Poe Essay examples

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In the world today, there are many interpretations of Death as a being. One can easily find ten or more Grim Reapers on Halloween no matter where they live. Some children’s shows, including the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, are even centered around the figure of ‘Death’. The media perpetrates the hooded figure with the scythe as being Death as we know him, however, Edgar Allan Poe explored a more symbolic version of death. In “The Raven,” death is portrayed as an aggressive force coming for the narrator in the form of a raven, however, in “Annabel Lee,” death is more a barrier keeping the narrator from his beloved.
Edgar Allan Poe is notorious for exploring the macabre elements of human life, even delving into the supernatural. In his poem “The Raven,” published in January, 1845, a man is sitting home alone one cold night in December, reading quietly to himself when suddenly he hears someone tapping at his door (“The Raven”). So, of course, he goes and answers it, discovering that there’s no one there. He returns to his reading, and soon thereafter hears another sound, this time at the window. Understandably, the narrator is a little bit nervous at this point, but he tries to assure himself that it is nothing more than the wind on the terrace. To make sure, he goes to look for something out on the porch. Before he is able to close the window, a raven swoops into his house and sits upon a bust of Athena. The narrator marvels at the bird, saying, “’Though thy crest be…

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