Essay on The Problem Of Population Control

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Population control is any method that is used to control the type and number of people. Over the past few years there has been a slight increase in world population. Overpopulation has always been a concern (Watson). Many people fear that there will not be enough resources to support the human population. Even with this knowledge, people still decide to have children. This is a human right. Every single person on this small planet has the right to bear children and this right cannot be taken away easily. Population control has been a debate among everyone. Most of the controversy comes from the idea of population reduction (Watson). Many governments have tried coming up with ideas on slowing or evens topping population growth. By the mid- 21 century, the global population is expected to be almost nine billion. Therefore, people may need to think about a program that can reduce population between now and the next three centuries ("Global Population Reduction: Confronting the Inevitable"). When there is an increase in population there is an increase in resource demand. There is a limited amount of resources on the planet. Every human needs food, water, shelter, oxygen, and a way to get rid of waste. These are essential for survival. According to science, the world only has 2.5% of water that is available for drinking. Because of this limited of water, the demand for water may exceed the amount left. It has been predicted that by 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living with…

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