Essay about The Problem Of Domestic Violence

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People see things the way they want to see them. We know this is true because trying to argue with someone who believes or loves something so strongly even though it is ultimately bad for them seems like an impossible uphill battle. Many people do not view domestic violence in the full ball of mess it truly is. The only way to casually change this epidemic of unhealthy relationships between two people, friendly or/and romantically is to inform the public of the depths of this sort of aggressive behavior. The future generations need to know all aspects of this issue, especially with the power of the World Wide Web, and all the accessories that have developed in the last few years that make it easier to communicate (“Abuse Defined”). It is important to shed light on the early signs of controlling, violent attitudes and behaviors. Domestic Violence is any mental, emotional, economic, and physical abuse where the abuser is attacking or putting harmful actions or words towards someone close to them. Typically the abusers main goal is to gain power and control over their so-called loved one(s). Currently when the phrase “domestic violence” is typed into the Google search bar the first definition that comes to the screen is “Domestic Violence is violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner”. This is not a full informative definition, although it may seem like it to some people, but it should be entirely revised.…

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