The Problem Of Bacterial Resistance Essay

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Should the public and governments take more action regarding the growing problem of bacterial resistance to antibiotics? The ongoing explosion of antibiotic-resistant infections continues to plague global and Australian health care. The global spread of microbial resistance is a predominant reason why infectious bacterial diseases have not been conquered (NPS, 2013). It is commonly expressed that physician misuse of antibiotics is the cause of antibiotic resistance in microbes and that, if we could only convince physicians to use antibiotics responsibly, we could “win the war against microbes (Brad Spellberg, 2012).” Unfortunately, the biggest issue regarding antibiotic resistance is the misuse of them.

Antibiotics to a large majority of the public are seen as a ‘silver bullet’ that cures every disease known to man. However, what most don’t know is that antibiotics are only effective against bacteria. This means that antibiotics are useless against viral infections such as the common cold.

Antibiotics have dramatically developed the world of modern medicine. Providing the ability to eliminate bacterial infections, ending the pre 1940’s solution of amputation. This in turn has saved thousands of lives by either extending their life span or eliminating the need for amputation.

The misuse of antibiotics is commonplace in our world. When a doctor prescribes antibiotics they believe that they will be taken for the whole course i.e. 2 weeks. However, people take the…

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