Essay about The Private Sector

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Task 3- Support

There are four difference sectors which are involved in the support of service users which are statutory, private, voluntary and informal. The statutory sector provides care for service users which is funded by the government for example the NHS. The statutory sector would provide care for a service user who has suffered from a stroke by giving them the medication they require and even surgery if necessary. The statutory sector would also provide a GP to consult with someone who has contracted influenza.

The private sector involves organisations which provide care that service users have to pay for, these private sector organisations make profit out of the money they receive for the care they provide for example Bupa. People may decide to pay for treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapy, they may need to have the treatment fairly quickly and the waiting list for the treatment would be much shorter when provided by the private sector.

The voluntary sector is care usually provided by charities such as Macmillan cancer support. The organisations are mainly funded by donations and may incur small charges to cover the cost of the care they provide but they do not make profit out of the care. An example of a voluntary sector organisation that may provide support for someone with influenza is age uk. Age UK are involved in health promotion campaigns regarding the influenza vaccination and this will encourage the elderly to get the vaccine which…

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