The Prevalence Of Breast Cancer Essay

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Breast cancer, sometimes called the “silent killer” is described by the Mosby 's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, & Health Professions (2012) as the uncontrolled growth of cells that invades the upper ventral region of the torso, specifically the mammary glands. Mosby (2012) noted that cancers are named by their specific locations, with prostate cancer being one of the more common cancers in men while in women breast cancer is the more prevalent. It is estimated that over one million women worldwide are diagnosed with breast cancer annually (Grayson, 2012). The prognosis of breast cancer relates to several factors, with the stage at the time of diagnosis being one of the primary factors. In general, the more advance the stage at time of diagnosis the poorer the chance the individual will survive the disease. According to Grayson (2012) the prevalence of breast cancer has made it a high profile, well-funded researched disease, with information about its etiology, signs, treatment and management well known and easy to reference compare to other type of cancer.
The cause(s) of breast cancer are multiple and vary based on the source of information used. These sources, however, have multiple commonalities that allow generalities as to what some possible causes are. A literature review shows that multiple reasons are given for the cause of breast cancer. A look at one page using the "cause of breast cancer" as the search indicator resulted in obesity, dietary fat intake, age,…

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