The Positive And Negative Aspects Of Reality Tv Essay

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Every person has a way of thinking and that is perfectly fine. But what is not fine is the fact that we will point out fingers to a certain group of people and categorize them based on what we know about a few people. We cannot go around thinking everyone is the same. Many times we will find ourselves sitting on the couch or laying on our beds watching television. Media will want to make us think a certain way, but it is up to us to know what is right and what is wrong. Many time, people we will believe what they see or hear on television, but we have to evaluate the positive and negative aspects of reality TV shows and their stereotypes in American society.
In a recently read story by Porochista Khakpour “Reality TV Goes Where Football Meets the Hijab” she tells us about her experience with watching TV and her side of the story. She is an Iranian immigrant who grew up watching television. This was the way she learned English. Every day after school she sat with her mom on the couch watching television either cartoons or some kind of crime drama. Like any little girl or boy, a lot of questions come to mind about what happens in the shows. But there was one particular question that many of us ask ourselves, why doesn 't my family look like the families we watch on TV? To Khakpour, the answer was because she was a foreigner. Many of us being foreigners, we don 't seem to identify ourselves with anyone and we lose that identification. We only guess that Americans have their…

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