The Position Of Succession Planning Essay

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Having the right people in the right position is one of the most important things a company can hope for. Many companies and organizations are unable to implement a plan that will help to satisfy and help their employees. Old systems are still being used to help implement future leaders of the company. Succession planning is one of the many ways employees satisfaction in the organization can be accomplished and it can be a vast benefit to organizations motivated on the long term. Succession planning is the process of ensuring that potential successors within a business or organization are identified and groomed in anticipation for future vacant positions (Dessler, 1999).

The foremost objective of succession planning is to maintain that stability in the various leadership and fundamental positions exists. All companies and organizations have those certain positions that are critical to the company. These positions are critical to the organization, and, if left unfilled, there is a possibility of the organizational operations being put on hold or even stalling and failing in some cases. Organizations that have a clear policy and a strong company structure centered on succession management are more likely to see higher development, recognition, job satisfaction, focus, retention and maintenance with the top leaders in the organization. There are many important factors to consider when creating and developing an efficient and functioning succession-planning program.

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